Destin Apton
Personal Information
Gender Male Male
Height 5'11"
Weight 161 Ibs.
Blood Type AB
Political Information
Status Alive
Affiliation Ministry of Science(former)

Destiny's Gate

Capabilities Inventor
Occupation Career Criminal

Destin Apton is a scientific revolutionary and an activist against equal robotic rights renowned for creating the Zero Force mech suits that allow Humans to fight Robots with equal standing.. He runs an underground organization called Destiny's Gate dedicated to eradicating all forms of robotic life and the destruction of the Ministry Of Science. His underground and almost godlike status in the eyes of his followers earned him the title Heavans Gatekeeper (Tengoku no gētokīpā, 天国のゲートキーパー) Destin became a wanted criminal after an assassination attempt against a former minister of science and has a current bounty of over $1,000,000.


Apton was born on Seafare Island a small landmass far off from many major cities due to this isolation it remains a mostly self reliant island. Destin was born into a poor family of which he was an only child to Roselle Apton a local telephone systems operator and his father Derek Apton a local fisherman.

From a very early age Apton took an interest in technology often reading his mothers telephone documentation to pass the time. Seafare was not as technologically advanced nor had access to as much technology as the rest of the world. This did not stop Apton and his thirst for technology was never quenched often reading tech magazines brought back from the mainland he bought various wires and old broken telephones and computers from a scrapyard with his spare pocket change. He would use these to build a device that would monitor the safety of surrounding waters for the local fisherman.

His usefulness with technology earned him much praise around his home island and he would eventually receive an award for his achievements. Eventually, Seafare would become a major dumping ground for technology from the mainland, this was exciting for Destin but became a problem for the islanders as the overflow of excess technology became to much for the locals to handle.

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