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Arthur Jaeger
 Real Name Arthur "Cody" Jaeger
 Current Alias Jaeger
 Editorial Names
 Relatives James Jaeger
Jasmine Jaeger
 Affiliation Jaeger Industries
 Base of Operation
 Identity Public
 Citizenship Australian
 Marital Status Single
 Occupation Scientist
 Education Massachusetts Institute of Technology
 Gender Male
 Height 6'0"
 Eye Color Blue
 Hair Color Black
 Unusual Features
 Origin Australian
 Universe Earth-616
 Place of Birth New South Wales, Sydney Private Hospita
 Creators AtlantisUchiha
First Appearance
Astro Boy: Jaeger

Arthur Jaeger is a student of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and one of the youngest prodigies of the century. IQ in the class of "super-genius", Arthur a revotionary inventions that might pioneer the age of powered exoskeletons and even weapon systems.



Early Life

Birth & Childhood

Powers & Abilities


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Super-Genius Intellect: Arthur is proven to be one of the most acamedically brilliant human beings in the universe, whose intelligence overshadows every student in his high school years. He is profoundly brilliant in the school of engineering and technology, having the prototype Mark-I Holo-pad when he was 15 years old. He has the capacity of developing and understanding tech he was able to chosen to enter MIT and graduate with master to PhD degerrs.

Creating Jaeger Industries, Arthur invented many technological advancements for Australia. He created the ARC Reactor that delivered pure clean source of reusable energy, and helped the ADF in becoming a superpower with greater higher quality equiment, and supplies.

Arthur Engineering & Holograms

Cody with his aedra armour projects in his special area of Cuidightheach Tower.

Master Engineer & Inventor: Even at a young age, Arthur is a brilliant engineer and inventor, having created many devices during his youth. From the Aedra Armour during his youth to Epsilon. He has vast extensive knowledge in the fields of technology and mechanics, capable of repairing almost everything on Earth with the correct tools and materials. Even with non-human tech, he was able to figure out its functions and systems pretty quickly. This is noted by Hyland when he hacked into Vril Dox's computers.

Arthur as CO of Jaeger Industries, created many advanced weapons systems. It has been shown his weapons fires many form of energies that either be plasma or protons, or simply just electrical energy or other forms of energy.

Aedra Armour

The Mark L.

Over the years, he has been upgrading his Aedra Armour until he reached the level of tech of nanotechnology. The Mark L is the pinnacle of Arthur's technology, being entirely nanotechnology, he is able to manifest the suit from the Aedra Core in this chest, and summon a magnitude of weapons to proton cannons, plasma weapon and hypr-heat laser that can cut virtually any form of matter with his mind alone, which makes him a technopathic. Due to his nanotech, he had embedded various nanotech that would manifets as weapons he is able to use if his armour gets too badly damaged, or he runs out of nanotech specifically for armour repairments. According to Cyborg, it can be said his tech is the most advanced in the world.

Master System & Computer Hacking: To futher to show his vast skill and expertise in technologies, Arthur is capable of hacking into almost any systems, and computers from various sources of the universe. Along with Monday to help crack codes over 400,000 digits per second, he is able to hack into the Pentagon to certify on information collected on the world, Milidia after bring stranded there during the Chaos War.

Experienced Unarmed Combatant: Arthur is shown to be a rather experience combatant in close-quarters combat, and can take on most individuals. Combining with his armour, he makes a rather formiddable fighter even with other species of the galaxy.

Expert Marksmen: Seeing Arthur only ever use long-mid range weapons and firearms, he is a expert marksmen in the weapons he constructs. He is able to fire plasma bolts with great accuracy from his palms of the Aedra Amrmour.

Polymath: Arthur is a vast polymath, whose knowledge and skill covers a wide range of subject such as science, history, ancient history, geography, maths, chemistry, astronomy, and quantum physcis and much more.

Omnilingual: Arthur, seems to naturally speak the many forms of variant English fluently without being even taught the actual language. He is also highly fluent in the African languages and scripts.